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Rommel at Gazala
Quick-playing game with a simple, accessible system

Good basic game of the battles around Tobruck
Ship of the Line
Classic sea battles of the age of fighting sail

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Sinyavino 1942! The Leningrad Relief Offensive
Amphibious attacks across the Neva River

Sinyavino includes a wide variety of combat elements as part of the game, making it complex but not complicated.
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Slaughter & Carnage: The Stalingrad of Kursk: Ponyri Station, 1943
The small, insignificant railroad station at Ponyri became the focal point of both sides

Printer took a dislike to map but sorted out. Rules & counters a treat, a real challenge for both sides
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Slim River 1942
British 12th Brigade, which had been hammered back for weeks, now faced a new bold foe: Japanese tanks

Yet another excellent Perry Moore game !
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Solitaire Caesar
Can you lead the Roman Legions to victory and defend the empire from Barbarian attacks?

Simple but fun. It may sound odd but this is good to throw in my carryon while traveling. It is easy to pack, doesn't cause hassles at airport security and can be played on the desk in a hotel room.
Somalia Interventions
The United Nations intervention in Somalia

Much improved graphics, very professional for PnP.
Somewhere far beyond: Prairie Grove 1862
ACW battle fought on 7th December 1862, over the hills of Arkansas



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