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1862 - 23 - South Mountain (American Civil War in 3D)
General George B McClellan sent the Union Army to attack the Confederate Army at the passes of South Mountain

$2.95 Sale
1st Newbury
Fast and furious see-saw battle during the English Civil War

This is a good old-school style wargame, nicely done.
200 Miles From Moscow 1919
Covers this epic offensive while capturing the essence of the battle and the differences between the forces

Yet another excellent Perry Moore game !
2nd Alemein
The turning point in the desert, October 1941

Good value and good components. I'm not yet convinced by the combat rules.
3 Famous Battles Battles Set
3 introductory wargames of famous battles

Great game! for the price. Great introductory game.
ACTION FRONT! Watchtower
Puts you in command of three pivotal actions in this campaign that eventually decided the course of the war in the Pacific.

excellent game. I look forward to others in the series.
ACW Solitaire
1 hour strategic solo wargame of the entire American Civil War 1861-65

For the size it comes off really well. great for a fun ,fast game.
Afghanistan 1979-87
Grand-tactical simulation of the critical battles that occurred during the Afghan-Soviet war



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