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Line of Fire #8
The Lock 'n Load Publishing Magazine

Line of Fire #9
The Lock 'n Load Publishing Magazine

Little Stalingrad: Komsomolskoye, March 2000
Chechen forces seized the town from the Russians and held on for 10 days

Lock n Load: Band of Heroes DEMO
Assault on Vierville - Band of Heroes DEMO

I enjoy alot of games from Lock and Load and Band of Heroes is no exception...I highly recoomend getting the demo and trying it out.
Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game #1
Japanese invasion of Malaysia

Can beat free - awesome item!
March on Rome
A multiplayer family oriented game set in the declining Roman empire

March on Rome Expansion
Expansion adds 5th and 6th player for March on Rome

Maria Teresa: War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748)
Solitaire game on the War of the Austrian Succession

A subject not shown from the Austrian side of things. A very good addtion to the campaigns of and against Frederick the Great
Marine Air
An expansion to the Hornet Leader II game system

Good Addition to Hornet Leader II series, potential for a Falklands variant with all the Harriers but as with the entire seies a little over priced
Marston Moor
Seventh entry in our introductory English Civil War tactical series

Worthy addtion to the ECW series.
$3.95 Sale


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