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Battles of the Middle Ages: Marchfeld 1278
One of the most decisive battle of medieval times for the history of Central Europe

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Beyond Hadrian's Wall
Caledonian tribes and Rome fight for control of Scotland

An essential addition to ancient warfare, especially if you're Scottish!
Biplane Barmy
Fast and furious World War I fighter combat

A great Party game! Very easy to pick up and play, and, all you need to supply are dice!
Bir Buyuk Turk Saldiri: Destruction of the Greek Asia Minor Army, Aug 26, 1922
Covers the climatic end of the Asia Minor War that began in 1919

Nice map another Perry gem
Black Death v1.01
Each player is a different strain of disease in 14th century Europe, and whoever racks up the highest body count wins

Lost the cards to a published copy I bought way back when. The quality and ease of the files to print is outstanding.
Blazing Jets
Quick play game of modern aerial combat

Have not played it yet, but it looks fun and has practical game rule mechanics
Blood and Vengeance: The Battle of Ulus-Kert, March 2000
90+ Russian paratroopers fight against some 1500 Chechen

Bloodbath at the Sakarya: The Greek Attack To Ankara, 1921
The horrific, turning point battle in the Greek attack towards Ankara in August, 1921

A subject very exoctic, no other choice but luckly It's a wargame well done. Graphic may be improved.
Blow by Blow: Pakistan invades India 1965
Pakistan invades India 1965

Bohemian Rhapsody: The Battles of Wimpfen and Hochst
battles of Wimpfen and Hochst of the 30 Years War

Great subject matter - looking forward to further 30 Years War battles in the series..
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