Neutron York 3000

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 6 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 50

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Sylvain Boudeele

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The place is New York,
the year is unknown,
the future is unwritten...

Hiding in his secret headquarters, the President is calling the survivors of the nuclear holocaust to join him in New York and rebuild the Land of the Free.

In an age when anarchy is rampant and danger lurks everywhere, the competition among the various militias in the President’s service is fierce to install a new millennium of order and civilization.

Many of those gangs will contribute to writing a new American legend and
protect their land from the rising Neo Soviet peril – others will serve
their own ambition and risk the President's disfavor and possible
banishment. A sentence that means a very likely death at the hands of
the mobs of brutal outcasts, filthy mutants or alien slavers awaiting
them beyond the boundaries of the city in the lethal Rad Wastes.

Grab a weapon and gather your gang – as whether you choose your destiny or allow it to be imposed upon you, it is a belief well worth fighting for!

Neutron York 3000 is a post-apoc skirmish game brought to you by the
Golgo Island Studios and supported by a range of 28mm miniatures by East
Riding Miniatures. It features:

• Alternate activation. Move one figure, then your opponent does the same.
• Simple no-chart, no-math combat mechanics. Just roll some D6s and
immediately read the result.
• A campaign and experience system. Take your gangers from Rookie to
Legend status, and fit them with the best weapons available.
• Scenario-building tools. Use them to make your own scenarios, or use
the ready-made samples provided.
• A point system that comes with a complete Character/Force builder.
Join one of the 8 factions described or design your own, be it for a
campaign or one-off games.
• Plenty of extra rules. To further enrich your NY3K games, rules for
vehicles, non-player characters and mass battles are included.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Jan Juklicek 10 8 7 Neutron york is quick modable skrimish for post apocalyptic wargaming,but it could be used in various other themes from modern gang fights to zombie apocalypse or X-com or Falling skies themed games, nice quick system
Pierre Aubert 8 8 8
Lagree goulven 10 8 8 A very pleasant game system.
laurent boubarne 8 8 8
Daniel Stevenson 9 9 10 Great little rule book with some nice background and faction ideas.

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