The Aleutians Campaign

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Bruce A. Costello

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Not far from the top of the world, a major military campaign was fought during World War 2. Often written off as not being decisive, the struggle in the cold foggy Aleutians is one of the most underrated events of the great conflict.

This was a long and difficult struggle which took place in very harsh climatic and logistical difficulties. Though often considered a side show, it easily could have become the decisive theater of operations had certain things gone differently.

The Aleutians Campaign is a game of the strategic campaign in the North Pacific between Japan and the Allied powers in World War II. The game covers the most active part of the contest, that fought between June 1942 and August 1943.

12 Page Rules
240 Counters and Markers
1 8.5 x 22" Map in 4 panels
1 Player Aid


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Stephen D Smith 8 8 8 A great game about a little known side action durring WW11.

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