Rally Round the King!

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Pages in main/rules file: 96

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): ED TEIXEIRA

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Rally Round the King!

Just another fantasy game? We say "No!" and here's why.

Rally Round the King, or RRtK, can be played solo or with everyone on the same side. Unlike other games that say that they can be played solo, RRtK really can. With the unique Reaction System, from Two Hour Wargames, RRtK is perfect for gaming with your friends or kids instead of against them. RRtK can be used with any figures you already have, regardless of how they are based.
There's over 40 fantasy armies to choose from and if your favorite one isn't there, we show you how to create it.

Want to play historical battles instead? We've included a Table of Equivalents that allow you to field up to 30 historical armies. There's a Point System that you can use, if you want, to play tournaments. A "no-book keeping" campaign system that handles all the diplomacy allowing you to concentrate on fighting battles.
Fully compatible with Warrior Heroes, Army and Adventurers, out skirmish game, also set in the fantasy world of Talomir. Now you can take your favorite characters from the dungeon to the battlefield. Easy to learn yet no two battles are ever alike. Play one up battles or play a campaign, just play!

Rally Round the King!
Rally Round the King...

THE game of big fantasy battles.


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