Official SuperSystem Character and Team Dossiers

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Game System: SuperSystem 3rd Ed

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott Pyle

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Official Super Teams

The following groups are examples of character and team creation in the SuperSystem. Most of the characters were built with the 85 point Power Cap in mind. Players should choose teams they like and transfer their statistics to copies of the blank SuperSheets from the SuperSystem rule book. Included in brackets next to each character or henchmen group's name is an appropriate stock code and description for the character in the SuperFigs line of Superhero miniatures. These suggestions will guide you in quickly acquiring the figures necessary to build your team. SuperSheets are also handy for building original characters and henchmen groups, and may be photocopied for personal use only.

* * * Supersystem is required


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Josep Bernabeu 10 10 10
Michael Horton 10 8 8 Complements the game system really well. And it's free!!!
Jason Hulme 10 10 10 A nice little freebee that helps enjoyment of the super system

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