Starforce Command

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Martin Brierley

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A simple, enjoyable and fun set of Planetary Ground Combat Wargames Rules for micro scale models or counters. The rules form the first part of a trilogy called Star Command; see our website for more details on these other rule sets:

Included in the download is a rules booklet, a front cover and 40 game cards. No dice are required for playing the game; the game cards will determine any chance or damage results. Card vehicle counters will be available from our website soon as a free download, so all you really need to play the game is your trusty ruler.

Starforce Command is set in the future after your home world has been under alien domination for nearly a millennium. The planetary resistance has successfully struck against the aliens, unleashing a deadly virus that has annihilated the unwanted creatures. But from the blackened ashes of disaster Star Command was born, a military organisation that used the aliensí technology against them. For over two millennium war as raged unceasingly across the known universe.

Design your own Starforce in a matter of minutes with the use of the free vehicle design sheet, then select your grunt squads and go forth to victory. Land your Starforce with drop ships or appear through jump gates ready to assault your foe. Draw specially designed game cards to determine your random chance, and then use the same cards to inflict damage upon your enemy. Modify and redesign your vehicles if they donít just fit the role, fine tune them and try again, seek perfection and you might just get the ultimate Starforce.


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