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Game System: Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game

Players: 2

Designer(s): Geoff Bohrer
Thomas Stevenson

demo: No demo available


Malaya 1.04 is a faithful computer conversion of Geoff Bohrer's Postcard Game also available on Wargamedownloads. While the program does not provide a computer opponent, it's highly suitable for solitaire play and a game can easily be completed in 15 minutes or less. Units are moved by clicking on a unit and then a highlighted hex. Units have no ZOC. Combat is mandatory between units within the same hex. Adjacent units may support one battle per combat phase. Most units (except some UK units) have a second step and can move one hex in the second movement phase if they did not participate in combat. The Japanese have a limited but crucial sea movement ability. UK units lose a step if they are not adjacent to a hex connect by roads to Singapore during their supply step. All rules are enforced by the program. The Japanese must play extremely well and have some good luck or UL blunders to equal the historical outcome. The UK has some good units and can punish a careless Japanese player but must always keep an eye on their vulnerable coast and supply lines.

Computer Requirements:
32 bit (high) color
Minimal ram and disk space (<1 Meg)
Windows XP, NT, 2000
Has not been tested on 95 or Vista


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Richard Phillips 9 9 9
derek jones 9 9 9 Enjoyable simple game
George Thompson 10 10 10 This conversion of the Malaya Postcard Game from a board to computer version is a significant gift to the gaming community. Elegant, fast playing and historically accurate it is a must have.
Colling Rory 8 7 7 Great for the price!
Jeremy Ward 10 9 10 A really nice little game, couple of small glitches but well worth playing.
Arnold Boda 5 5 5
Nick Grant 10 5 1 Sorry, but I was unable to get the game running (Windows XP).
Frederick Ellsesser 7 8 7 Replicates the postcard game very well. Nearly impossible situation for the British, it seems
Jeff Fellers 10 9 8 Excellent introduction to wargaming. Lack of rules makes first time playing a little awkward, but easy to figure out. I'd like to see what could be done with more complex games.
William Sherman 9 9 9 Great "Beer and Pretzels" (wargame) fun -- for the PC.
Mark Bolliger 10 10 10 I love this little game. I keep it on my desk top when the wife is watching "Dancing with the Stars". It is very replayable. Simple but fun.
jase angeles 7 7 6 there are some bugs but overall it's a neat computer version

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