Disposable Heroes: Superheroes

Paper Models - Miniatures
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Are metal miniatures too expensive for you? Do you need armies of miniatures? Look no further...

Disposable HeroesŪ are downloadable paper miniatures that can be printed and then assembled for your wargaming or roleplaying needs. No other brand can offer the quality and flexibility of Disposable Heroes...

One download includes everything you need:

  • 30 different superhero figures, like the Man of Rock, Elastic Dude, Mr. America, Power Man, Alien Hero, and Human Shield.
    Beautifully illustrated by Scott Harshbarger and colored by Joshua Cayne, provided in three different formats:

    • Stand-Ups (A-Frame style)

    • Stand-Ups (Tri-Fold style)

    • Flat Counters

  • Armies
    A filled sheet of each figure, as well as numbering to keep track of duplicates, provided in three different formats:

    • Stand-Up Armies (A-Frame style)

    • Stand-Up Armies (Tri-Fold style)

    • Flat Counter Armies

  • All this in your choice of color or black & white

  • Assembly Instructions Sheet

  • Figures Legend Sheet


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