Rune Stryders (Revised & Expanded)

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Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Matt Drake
Mike Fiegel

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Fantasy Roleplaying in a World of Machines & Magic.
Revised and Expanded Edition

"The combination of RPG and wargame helps give Rune Stryders an impressive scope... This is a nicely complex setting; politically I mean, and that means you can ignore it if you want..."

"It opens up one of the best aspects of a fantasy RPG to all the players rather than limiting to a select few and then making them sacrifice something else in return... It's a flexible game..."

"I like the look and feel of Rune Stryders... The PDF has all of [Precis Intermedia's] e-book experience... Rune Stryders could become one of those cult classics, you know, like Kult, The Whispering Vault and, er, Ninja Burger."

Rune Stryders is a new direction in fantasy roleplaying. The game introduces Stryders, towering war machines (think mecha) brought to life through runic magic and guided by skilled pilots. These Stryders come in varied forms, from the steel-clad behemoths of the Confederated Nations to the living, walking trees of the Kantarin. The Sivatagi of the northern deserts control giant insects with runes, while the primitive Draslander augment their scavenged Stryders with bones and skulls.

Civil war within the Confederated Nations threatens to engulf the world of Rhun, and the Outcast Nations wait impatiently for their chance to strike back at the countries that have enforced their exile for so many years. Who will stand against the tide of chaos?

This Revised & Expanded Edition Includes:

  • Extensive Background Information.
  • Incorporates the Rune Companion, providing a total of 45 effect runes and 5 control runes for a multitude of combinations spoken or written. Plus Runic Artifacts, Collaborative Spellcasting, and Enhanced Rune Words expand the power of Runemages.
  • Rules updates and clarifications.
  • Character Templates to assist in creating characters. There are no classes - anyone can use magic or swing a sword.
  • Stryder Templates to assist in building and customizing Rune Stryders.
  • The versatile and easy-to-learn system utilizing 10-sided dice is optimized for tactical play.
  • Its modular yet consistent design means that you can easily switch between man-to-man combat, Stryder combat, Stryder-to-man combat, tactical Stryder combat, and Rune combat.


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