Paper Tigers

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Don Bailey

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Paper Tigers is designed as an introduction to miniatures war gaming
for the beginner. It is intended to be played with paper miniatures printed in 1/72 or 1/76 scale. To that end, the rules are kept deliberately easy to learn. This does not mean the rules are unsophisticated. Players will find that good tactics are generally rewarded.

Paper Tigers uses a standard deck of playing cards to generate an interesting and sometimes surprisingly tense turn sequence. Higher value cards allow you to act first, but they are more difficult to successfully use. Lower value cards are easier to use, but with them, you are more likely to act after your opponent.

Most players! initial games are likely to be solo efforts. This does not pose a problem as Paper Tigers is purposely designed to work well in single player
games. The card-driven turn sequence combined with other mechanisms that limit player control make Paper Tigers highly suitable for solo play yet still provide an enjoyable multi-player game.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Roger Brandon 10 8 9
Larry Clowers 8 8 8 Excellent introductory set of rules. Simple yet challenging. A novel method of resolving movement and combat that must be tried by wargamers.
norman smith 10 8 8 Well written short set of clever rules giving a light wargame. Nicely illustrated. I would have liked 2 more pages of content so that it prints into an 8 page booklet with perhaps some options to differentiate between light and heavy armour etc
gecon gecon 10 8 9 Very nice game
Billy Reed 10 10 10 Great
Nat Sinclair 10 8 9 Got this as a freebie - absolutely awesome! Bought tons of tanks to play so far - easily adaptable, DO NOT miss out :)
Paul Pinkosh 10 10 9 This is exactly what I wanted: light, simple, but satisfying. I can play this with my expert wargamer friends, and with my eight-year-old daughter. An ideal starter game.
Kim DS 10 10 10 Interesting use of playing cards and dice. The rules are explained clearly, with examples adding extra clarity. A good free game.
Andrew Franke 8 9 9
Rodney Yip 5 5 5

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