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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Roger Campbell

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Sails - A historical miniatures game of combat between Sailing vessels of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.

These rules were designed to be a medium degree of difficulty. More detail rules
for fighting and moving sailing ships have been written. However, they are not
playable or enjoyable due to the need to constantly stop play in order to check the rules or a matrix. These rules were written for 1/600 scale vessels. There are also lines of 1/450, 1/900 and 1/1200 vessels on the market which can use these rules as written.

SAILS was designed to reflect ship to ship combat with squadron size the largest size battle. Regardless of the scale, as written each model on the table represents one real ship.

Play tested using many different size boards. The game can be tailored to the size of the table available. SAILS was played tested using 1 to 6 ships per player, games lasting 20 minutes to three hours, table sizes ranging from 3'x3' for 2 players to a 4'x8' for 4 players.

These rules were written using the KISS method: Keep It Short and Simple. If a situation develops that is not covered in the rules: use common sense!

Several ship cards for those lacking
Event cards for some random spice


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