Battles of the Middle Ages: Legnano

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Pages in main/rules file: 8

Game System: Battles of the Middle Ages

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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Battles of the Middle Ages is an easy to learn wargaming system that tries to recreate, in a gaming situation, several of the most famous (or not so famous) battles of the medieval World, from the end of the Dark Ages to the dawning of Renaissance. These games are designed to be fast and furious, easy to learn and to play but with enough chrome and historical research to make them fun to play and more.

Legnano is the first battle of the new series Battles of the Middle Ages system. Legnano depicts the famous victory of the League of the cities of Lombardy against the German emperor Frederic I, also known as Barbarossa.

11 x 17" full color map (2 - 8.5 x 11" parts)
168 counters
Rules in English


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Terence Turnovsky 10 8 8 A good system, once I understood the combat rules. I will buy more.
Thomas Poulsen 10 10 10
Gabriele Callari 8 7 8
Gary Cole 9 8 8 Nice and simple game on a battle I did not know. Will download the others in the series.
Mo Caraher 10 6 7 Good, but not great. Liked the chit-pull to learn the combat strength bit but that, combined with the infantry & cavalry units using different facing rules, led to a a very crowded situation on the map. My advice to users: print the map larger.
Ken Filewood 7 6 4 Good value for a free game. Rules are clear and components simple and attractive. Mechanics are mostly vanilla hex & counter. There is a twist in leader activation makes little difference in practice. Usual problems apply.
john conner 8 8 8 Good game of the period. Easy to learn and fun to play!
Alan Ray 9 6 7
virgile LA LUMIA 4 4 5
Roger Deal 9 7 8 A simple, fast playing game that's fun and well balanced. Counter art could be better
Allan Rothberg 10 5 7
Robert Zmaczynski 9 9 9 Rules need another edit and the counter colors need to match map. Otherwise the game played fine.
john conner 7 6 7 Simple and quick... maybe too simple. I like the initiative determination... makes every game different.
Jack Smith 5 5 5 Sorry, just read rules and inspected components, not a game I originally hoping for, so have not played. Thk u for the free offer though, for I could try before buying and buy what I like!
Fabrizio Davi 10 8 9 Nice system, intersting subject
Paul Kantro 10 8 8 A free introductory game is a great way to introduce a new series. Easy to recognize pieces, uncluttered map, and simple yet thorough rules.
Björn Söderlund 10 8 8
Elijah Lau 4 5 4 The individual combat counters are fine in theory but fiddly in practice.

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