Heroes Inc, Overmind’s Invasion, Mini-Game #63

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Pages in main/rules file: 23

Game System: Heroes Inc.

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

demo: demo/BBP1564d-pdf.zip
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The Brute swatted at the little girl covered in flames as she shot past his head, he thought her name was Firebug or something like that, some heroine that could make herself small and also could burst into flames. The Brute didn’t care really what she called herself, he was going to squash her like the little bug she was.

Just then another girl ran up to him and hit him real hard with a flying kick. “Take that you bully,” Called Liberty Lass as she did a back flip and came up in a combat stance. “The All Star Squad is here to stop you in your tracks, “ She cried out with a smart ass grin on her face. “Damn,” The Brute thought to himself, “I hate heroes.”

Overmind’s Invasion is the latest in a series of linked scenarios for the Heroes Inc. game system. Play these linked games and live through an issue from the Heroes Inc. comic. See if your heroes can defeat Overmind before he takes over the world.

Note that this is not a complete game, and will require that you have Heroes Inc. sets #1, #2 and #3.


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