The Fall of France

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Pages in main/rules file: 9

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Peter Schutze

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The Fall of France was one of the most surprising events of the war in Europe. Even with the example of Poland the previous September, no one on either side expected that Nazi Germany could almost simultaneously conquer France, Belgium and Holland and evict Britain from the European mainland, all in only six weeks.

It was, in many ways, a string of miracles at key points from the German point of view and debacles from the Allied.

Each hex is 15 miles from side to side. Each turn covers 3 days. The game lasts a maximum of 13 turns, starting on May 10. Units are approximately of the size marked (divisions and corps) although some are amalgamations of smaller units. A few were that size on May 10 for administrative purposes.

* 24x18 (and 4 piece 8x11)inch map representing the battlefield of northern France, Belgium and Holland
* 216 counters showing the forces involved.
* One rulebook ... recently revised
* 1 players aid sheet


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Robert Cremer 10 10 10 The process was easy the cost is low for what you get. You need a good printer and skill at gluing the counters to cardboard to get a great final product.
Paul Kwon 9 9 9 Great, simple game.
Mark Beninger 9 9 8 The use of the skirmish combat took a little getting used to but the effect the designer was looking for was acheived but with a lot of die rolling and ensuring all the modifiers that apply are taken. Overall nice system for this Campaign.
Gene Dickens 10 9 9 Printed but rules not read. Upgrade to original game and inludes optional Panzer Divs an extras.
Ronald Fair 9 7 7 Great game
Dennis Bishop 10 10 10 The Falll of France is innovative and all that I have come to expect from the designer.

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