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Designer(s): James Hartman

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FREE Set of 18 weapon arm and leg accessories. The weapons represent a wide variety of hand held and alternate limbs usable by this class of Hybrid Bug Trooper. Each weapon is designed for both the left and right arms, and in two poses of each as well. This gives you a lot of flexibility when posing your figures, and for creating a group of troops that will look unique, even if armed the same. Also included are the uncolored PDF and GIF versions of all the arm poses. You can color your own accessories to match the custom color scheme of your Alien Hybrid army. Included with the model files is a handy reference sheet listing all of the weapons and limbs included with this set. This accessory really gives you the options for creating any nasty alien bug warriors you can think of!

Some paper modeling skill required to build these accessories. These are 2.5D parts with slot fit assembly, and are designed to work with the compatible figure sets. This set is not a complete model. The accessory parts are designed to work with the following figure sets: SF002 STALKERS, SF005 SLITHERERS, SF008 BUZZERS and SF011 SLASHERS. These figure sets are available separately from the same place you found this accessory set. The set files include instructions for two different arm configurations.

Designed in 30mm scale and rendered in 300dpi for maximum detail and color. All One Monk Miniatures feature full front and back artwork, simple construction and are designed to look like traditional miniatures. Every model set includes the colored models ready to print and play, but also include uncolored versions as a printable PDF and high res graphic, ready for you to color with markers or with your favorite digital paint program. All One Monk miniatures can be based with the included paper basing parts, or you can base them using your normal basing technique.

Visit my website for more information about this model set and loads of other free model sets, extra bases, and loads more at www.onemonk.com


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