Gliders from the Sky: the Fall of Eben Emael

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Pages in main/rules file: 11

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Players: 1

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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This is a game on the fall of the Belgian fortress of Eben Emael, May 10-11 1940, by a daring and at time unheard of glider attack made by less than 100 German paratroopers. It's a fast and furious solitaire game (you take the German side and try to make the best of it), that should be playable in less than an hour, once you master the game.

To try to make the victory harder to get, several variants and optional rules are provided, based on the historical situation and on several what if situations that could have happened on those fateful hours that cleared the way for the German initial smashing victory in the West.

8 Page Rules
A4 Map (7.5"x10.8")
187 Counters.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Andrew Golov 5 5 5
Alberto Fraile 7 7 7
Michael Socey 7 8 7 This game is either very easy or very difficult to win depending on the scernario chosen, plus numerous alternate variations. Rules could be a little more complete. You can and will probably need to ask questions on Comsimworld, (TCS folder).
PEREZ Nicolas 6 6 6
Gunther Bellows 9 9 9 Excellent mini-game, nice map and counters, fun to play
Michael Barlow 7 8 5 Good solo simulation with lots of variant rules and counters

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