Brown Water Subs

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Pages in main/rules file: 8

Game System:

Players: 1

Designer(s): Roger Campbell

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Take command of one of the five actual subs during the ACW. Each has its own special way of sinking the target. This solo game is quick, fun and habit forming. The example is the record board for your sub.

Warning do not order is you hate losing. The chance to win is the same as it was in real like: 25%.

Great game to introduce older kids to gaming.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Gian Marco Franco 8 8 8 Nice 10 minutes filler for a subject not cover by other simulations.
Pascal ALIBERT 7 3 4 Rules seams a bit too much random for my tastes. But makes for a very nice reading and can be played twice to try it.
Gunther Bellows 9 5 9 Fun to play, my computer crashed and lost it, worth getting again
Michael Barlow 6 7 7 Very short simulation of ACW sub navigation. Fun, but limited replay value.
Steven Guy 8 7 8

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