SuperSystem 2007 Annual

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Price: $ 2.50

File Type: pdf

File Size: 1001 KB

Pages in main/rules file: 19

Game System: SuperSystem

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott Pyle

demo: No demo available


The SuperSystem 2007 Annual has arrived! Taking a cue from the long tradition of Summer annual issues in comic books, Four-Color Figures presents the SuperSystem 2007 Annual. This supplement for the SuperSystem miniature battle-game offers new characters, powers, and scenarios for added table-top comic book mayhem! Also included is a Fast-Play sheet summarizing the core rules, and with a bit of help from a grizzled veteran, providing enough guidance for a newcomer to try the game.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Carmen Bellaire 5 5 5
christopher mainwaring 10 9 10 Good Update
bart miller 10 10 10 smooth and easy download, love the product too!
Thomas Ferris 10 10 10
Leo Hoffman 10 10 10
Ed Traverso 10 10 10 what a great set of rules!!!Can't wait to get playing.
Scott Francek 9 10 9 Nice addition. I would love to see more yearly releases.
Aaron Fleming 8 9 9 Some nice additions to the core system. Campaign/role-play ideas are are particularly interesting though example maps may be difficult for many to recreate effectively.
Robert Luhrman 10 10 10 Enjoyed the layout and the content very much. It really adds value to the Super System.
Christopher Thompson 10 10 10 Great product and expansion to the supersystem rules and cheap as well. Hope they bring a annual out every year to supplement this fantastic game.
Ed Meek 10 10 10
Michael Schroeder 10 10 10 SuperSystem is a great expansion of the Goalsytem skirmish system. Ihope that these annuals continue to come.
Chris Kirby 10 8 9 More SuperSystem!!!
Bryan Miley 10 10 10 Great addition, some cool scenarios. I look forward to the next one!!!
Charles Lewis 8 10 9 Nice additions to the system.
Stephen Scothern 10 10 10 Excellent suplement, and a very low price! Too good to miss.
Garry Todd 10 10 10 Great expansion for a great game...10/10
George O Ravis 8 8 8 I hope to see more of these updates in the future.
Greg Moore 9 10 9 Good Stuff
Brian Rempel 10 10 10 Extremely goodvalue for money, lots of colourful pictures, well written. Top notch!

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