ATZ - All Things Zombie: Better Dead Than ZED

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 6 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 92

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Ed Teixeira

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ATZ - All Things Zombie: Better Dead Than ZED

Winner of the 2006 ORIGINS AWARD for Best Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year


"NOT JUST ANOTHER ZOMBIE GAME" That's right; ATZ isn't "just another zombie game", ATZ is THE zombie game. ATZ takes you from the beginning of the first zombie outbreaks through the final apocalyptic time where the zombies rule.... Or will they? It's up to you!

You'll find out that zombies aren't your only enemies. There's also the lawless bandits and looters, and sometimes your biggest enemy can be yourself. Just when you think you've figured it out another curve comes your way and next thing you know, chomp, chomp, stick a fork in you, your a zombie meal! But there's also friends to be found and innocents to be saved... if you can find them!

ATZ provides a changing world to campaign in where each encounter is linked to the next by a seamless and easy to use Campaign System. Watch your characters grow as they advance in skill making their way through ATZ. It will take a combination of tactics and strategy to succeed. A little luck won't hurt either!

ATZ is terrific for solo gamers and can be played with everyone on the same team. ATZ also works with ANY figures you already may have. So open the door to hours of fun, just be sure to look behind it first!


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
jose maria lorente 8 8 8 Great!!!
Maxime Bouchard 10 8 9 A really good game with surprising degree of strategie and feasting zombie.
Brian Cottrell 10 10 10 Ed has created a fast, detailed and exciting game in a world fof the living dead! Great Stuff!

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