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Pages in main/rules file: 2

Game System: The English Civil War series

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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This is an easy, introductory game on the first battle of the English Civil War, based on a system derived from the old SPI Thirty Years War system, modified with the introduction of a chit drawing leader activation procedure that makes the game different each time you play it and perfect for solitaire play. Easy to understand and fast playable (less than an hour), and full-color map (with the position of the different units printed on the map for an immediate set-up).

11 x 17" full color map (2 - 8.5 x 11" parts)
113 full color counters.
Rules in English and Italian


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
JT McNally 10 10 10 Can beat free - awesome item!
Roger Jacob 10 9 9 Good quality print out. Rules clear. Not played yet (back-log of games) but looking forward to it
Roger Brandon 10 8 9
Tim Bowler 9 6 7 It's an enjoyable introduction to TCS's English civil war series, I liked the chit-pull activation system for commanders and the flanking rules - as these seem to me useful attempts to capture some of the realities of 17th C warfare.
Harry Warren 8 8 8
john conner 9 8 8
Roy Morgan 10 7 9 ESL problems
Tomas Matic 10 10 10 An enjoyable game that can be played quickly.
Mark Chandler 7 7 7 A good introductory level game.
Thomas Poulsen 10 10 10
Nicola Quitadamo 8 7 8 Easy to learn and not long. Very enjoyable to play.
Thomas Stevenson 10 9 9 This game could easily be turned into a computer game.
Iain Macmillan 10 10 10 Impressive - and even more so when it's free! An accessible set of mechanics that has certainly encouraged me to look at the other ECW games
Jeremy Ward 10 9 5 Very simple, good graphics and good intro game.
Gabriele Callari 8 8 8
gordon jameson 9 9 9 ecw at its best
Ted Conn 10 7 8 Easily printed and played game.
Guynemer Guynemer 8 9 9 Good rule system, clear, understandable, and accurate. Good stuff!
Dmitry Palatkin 9 8 9 I think this game is simple but very interesting. Perfect game fof new gamers.
Jonathan Bleasdale 10 5 6
First Last 5 4 4
Mo Caraher 10 9 8 Really good - not difficult to learn and possessing enough chrome to give it a little bit of period feel. Components are among the best I've seen in the DTP realm - printed up really well.
Scott Caulfield 9 8 9
Ken Filewood 7 6 4 Based on reading only. Good for a free game. Rules clear and pieces simple and attractive. Mechanics are vanilla and suffer from the usual problems in the genre.
Kim DS 10 10 10 Uncluttered but with depth, and very enjoyable. An excellent antidote to many of today's overcomplicated, fussy games.
siro busini 3 3 3
john conner 9 9 9 Great game for free!
E C 10 8 9 excellent little simulation
john conner 9 8 9 Simple with additional optional rules to spicen things up! Initiative system is neat, every game is different. Worth checking out... especially for free!
John Howley 8 7 8 the print on the board is very light and hard to read. The two board halves overlap but it is hard to see it untill you put the pieces down and spend 15 min searching for pieces that don't exist. The rules are a little vauge on the leader counters
Michael Spours 8 8 8
Ian Goadsby 1 1 1 could not download
Steve Darrell 10 7 9 Nice game - used the optional rules esp. the Royalist cav one. Stops it being easy for the Royalists but has distortions of its own, but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed.
adam shelton 5 1 1 was unable to download game
Gilles Auffret 7 6 6 Good beginners game.
Robert Flood 10 9 10 Fun games. Simple and straightforward rules that allow the game to be set up and played very quickly. Well worth looking at.
Nigel Thomas 9 8 8 Really pleased, enjoyed the game
Paul Healey 6 6 6 Nice looking game, units attractive simple rules, with nice random comand control system. Map looks good but more details required on terrain what is a hill and what is a wood?
frank rella 8 7 6 Map is good. Counters finely designed, but really much too small to read. Game itself leads to good simulation of the battle.
john conner 10 8 9
Peter Colbeck 10 7 8 More complex than at first appears - and excellent value!
Willy Farrell 10 10 10
Dick Ruck 10 10 10 Anything free has to be a 10, but this is fun, too!
Andreas Hellwig 8 8 8
Kim Meints 10 10 10 The game that started the series. a excellant little game. perfect for when wanted something simple but fun to play
Mauro Mittino 8 8 8
Philip Dunphy 9 6 7 Good implimentation of the SPI 30 Years War system with some twists, though the rules could use more detail. Will definitely try Naseby or Newbury.
ray smith 8 8 8 Great little game. Enjoyed very much and will be buying rest in series.
Elijah Lau 6 6 6 Not half bad. A tighter ruleset would have been better, particularly movement rules, but nevertheless, the game is adequate in recreating some of the command dilemmas of the battle.
Kim Meints 10 10 10 A wonderful little game.much like the SPI/Decision games TYW Quad games. A fast and fun game to play if needing something simple & quick for a weeknight/weekend eveing/afternoon.
Marco Parolo 10 6 4
Steven Guy 8 8 8
jesus Amor 7 6 6 i can leave a better because is a like a DTP game, but the game is FREE
Michael Socey 8 9 9 A nice FREE game. The optional rules help add a spice of complexity. A bit one sided of a battle, but that's the way it was.
JOSE DINIZ 10 8 9 Great game ! Beautiful graphics !
Ron Pehr 6 5 5 The rules needed a thrice-over, to understand how the leaders work; but it's an interesting game mechanic and gave a good feel for the era.
Mike Barlow 7 9 5 Basic introductory wargame. Has some nice points.

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