Montebello - First Step to Freedom

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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Montebello Ė First Step to Victory
This small, but very competitive game on the first clash between the French-Piedmontese army and the Austrian one during the first phases of the campaign known as the Second Italian War for Independence, is an almost skirmish battle fought on the country roads and the fields near Voghera, on the road from Piedmont towards Milano. It was an harsh battle, where the Austrians got the numerical advantage but didnít have the confidence to use it as it was due for a victory.

The simple, but not simplistic rules integrate movement and combat, several readiness status for the various leaders and troops present on the field of battle, fire and melee rules, morale, territorial gains and so on. The sumptuous graphics for both the map and the counters make this one a joy for the eyes.

11 x 17" full color map (choice of printing full map or 2 part map)
64 full color counters


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Giordano Mancini 9 9 9 nice game and great website for the noble art of wargmaming
George Thompson 9 9 9 The rules and overall system is well thought out. Great scale and value as a topic. The map is an outstanding piece of work.
Giulio Duvina 7 6 7
G Marchand 9 7 8 Another nice game from TCS. Very low counter density, great graphic art and enjoyable little battle of the Italian independence war.

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