Hour of Glory

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 3 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 54

Game System: Hour of Glory

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Wolfrik Galland
Gav Tyler

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Prepare to fight the secret war that never was

Set on the eve of D-day, Hour of Glory takes you into a world of espionage and clandestine warfare. While the Allies prepare to liberate fortress Europe, a small team of spies must investigate reports of an atomic weapon being developed in a Stronghold deep behind enemy lines.

You have been recruited into an elite covert taskforce. Your mission is to infiltrate the Stronghold and obtain intelligence. You have just one hour to complete your mission before reinforcements arrive and make escape impossible. Click here to see more details about the SABRE agents!

SABRE agents

• Play alone or together with two other agents.
• Choose your tactical mode to determine your methods and capabilities:
• As a raider you must employ subterfuge to evade detection, eliminate Sentries silently, and conceal the evidence.
• As an assaulter use speed, surprise and firepower to overwhelm your enemies before they can retaliate.
• Spend time on covert activities such as spying, sneaking, breaching doors, and concealing bodies. But always remember that each minute lost puts you closer to failure!

Stronghold Defenders

You are a veteran commander in the employ of a mysterious Bavarian aristocrat, known as ‘the Baron’.
A garrison of loyal troops is at your command to defend the Baron's Stronghold and protect its secrets at all costs.

• Post your Sentries strategically to protect your rooms and challenge intruders.
• The Commander has been dispatched to investigate. He must identify the threat and take appropriate action to counter it.
• When you have enough evidence, raise the alarm and order your Guards to hunt down intruders and shoot them on sight!
• Out-think and out-manoeuvre your enemies. Find them, expose them and kill them – or frustrate their plans until their time runs out.

Basic Stronghold Kit:

• Operations Manual
• 10 Stronghold tiles
• Mission Timer
• Alert state indicator
• 3 Intruder profile cards
• 3 weapon cards
• 6 equipment cards
• 10 Intelligence cards
• 25 card doors
• 6 Intruder card figures
• 17 Defender card figures
• 25 alert/corpse markers


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Lee Harris 8 7 8 Bought the PDF version, looks great, will pimp it out with some minis. Neat
Jay Waschak 9 9 9
Arnold Richardson 9 9 9 Awesome!
Philip Millard 8 7 8 The game is amazing, check BGG for full reviews. I have one niggle with the layout of this PDF rulebook layout; the layout does not easily allow for standard A4 fold & staple printing (for those who have access to such a thing).

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