Island War Deluxe

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Pages in main/rules file: 36

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Mark H Walker

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Island War Deluxe is a squad-level game of skirmishes in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. You control Squads of Japanese and Americans, tanks, machine-guns, flamethrowers, bombers, fighters and Leaders as you fight battles on Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Tarawa, and Guadacanal.

Each Island War Deluxe hex represents 25-40 meters of terrain, and the turns depict from a few seconds to several minutes of action. The counters represent single characters (Leaders), Squads of men, Weapon Teams, Support Weapons and various administrative markers.

Fun yet historically accurate and challenging scenarios designed by Mark H. Walker and Bill Wilder (HPS Simulation's Proud and Few), that include battles on Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and other desperate encounters. Tense action. Players can direct Banzai charges, infiltrate enemy positions, and stitch their opponents with flanking fire during melee.

Scenarios include:

Bloody Ridge: The 2/5 Marines try to fight off the Japanese 35th Infantry Brigade as they attack toward Henderson Field.

Nishi: A Sherman tank helps Marines clear a ridge, laced with caves, near the tip of Iwo Jima.

Taking the Wanna Ridge: Marines go cave busting near the southern edge of Okinawa. In the Sun: A Marine patrol is ambushed. Can they escape massacre on the beaches of Guadalcanal? Research by Bill Wilder

Forerunner: Marines tighten the nose on Mt. Suribachi.

A Place Called Betio: The beaches of Tarawa. Hard fighting. Air support. Japanese and Marine tanks. Enough said. Bill Wilder

Healing Under Fire: Navy Corpsmen try to save Marine lives, as the Marines try to save the Navy Corspmen. Bill Wilder


One hundred and thirty-two counters depicting tanks, anti-tank guns, planes, howitzers, infantry squads, leaders, and weapons, such as the Shiki Kikanju Type 96 light machine gun, American BAR, flamethrower, Sherman and Type 97 tank, and the Japanese knee mortar .

FOUR (yeah, four) 8.5" x 11" semi-geomorphic maps stuffed with the verdant foliage of the Pacific Islands.

A simple, yet challenging system of interactive impulses that keeps both players involved in the game, and a fun, lightning-quick armored combat system.

A complete VASSAL module for online or on-your-monitor gaming. Don't want to print the module? You'll be up and playing in less time than it takes to shave with VASSAL.

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Joseph Latvaitis 8 10 9 Pricey for a DTP (download to play) considering improved range fire tables and more maps are only available in LnL magazine, Line of Fire. Still a good game. Recommended.
peter jones 9 10 9 pricey game but excellent counters and maps

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