Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game #1

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Geoff Bohrer

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The Japanese invasion of Malaya was one of the most perfectly executed military plans in history. Can you, as the British commander, slow the Japanese advance sufficiently to disrupt the timetable for the capture of the East Indies? Or will the Japanese succeed in capturing Singapore in time to establish the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?

This 5x8 inch postcard game includes 18 counters, complete rules which include the asymmetrical abilities of the Japanese and UK forces,and a 5x5 1/2 inch board.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
evandro novel 10 9 9 Great little game of asymmetric warfare!
JT McNally 10 10 9 Can beat free - awesome item!
Ron Lagerstrom 10 8 7 Small game that can be played at work or a moments notice.
Arno Smitshoek 10 10 10 Very nice!
Bruno Houdayer 10 10 10
Vlad Smolin 9 10 10
Paul Anderson 8 9 8 Decent playability. I was even able to get my seven year old granddaughter interested so it is not extremely complicated. Good job.
Mark Mitchell 6 8 6 Fun little game!
Tomas Matic 10 10 10 A fun and innovative concept and a good way to introduce wargaming to a novice.
Paul Rebeles 8 8 8
ED Donahue 10 8 5 for size limitations, well done.
Peter Ander 8 8 6 For an extremely simple and uncomplicated wargame, I am impressed. Finding a "Take anywhere and play it on a whim" type game is next to impossible anymore. Steve Jackson Games, and their ilk from the 1970's have left this opportunity behind.
Olof Rautavaara 10 10 10
Andrew Kolb 10 8 10 I really like this, it was fun, short and can be played on any small surface and you can play it by yourself.
Ralph Street 10 10 10
Joseph Latvaitis 10 9 9 Fun little filler. Only played solo. Great price.
Larry White 9 8 8
Tom Tom 10 8 9 Nice little Game
berny john 7 8 5
Gabriele Callari 6 7 6
Nuno Gonzalez 9 8 9 Tight and fast game. Simple mechanics but not simplistic. Trick manouvres for both sides. Rules need to be more enlightened. The computer version make clear many points and bring the game its full potencial. Good work! Waiting for the next.
Arnold Richardson 7 8 8 Very nice typical wargame
Pawel Galwa 9 7 7
Javier del Moral 6 6 6
ANGEL LARRAZ 5 8 7 Nice game!
kim meints 10 10 10 Excellent for a game so very very small.
Jean-Marc Dupont 7 7 7 Great small game!!!
Dan Stormont 10 10 10 Very fun little game. Suitable for solitaire play. Can't beat the price...
Luuc Lubbers 4 8 6 played it a few times. i found it next to impossible for the british to hold on to more than one objective. Can you show a strategy to do better ?
Yves Dohogne 10 8 8
Greg Jablonski 9 8 8 This is a fun system for solitaire play that is well worth the time and effort to mount the counters and cut them out.
Rudolf Aligierski 10 10 10 It's little good game, that you can get for free when you submit your e-mail. Worth the effort, and costs nothing... Great!
Ken Filewood 9 4 5 A free game that I would pay (a bit) for! Rules are simple but meaningful; tiny unit count makes play fast. Very replayable. Rules very terse and require some interpretation.ith tiny unit count
jase angeles 7 6 6 great little game
Christopher Bryans 10 10 10 Superb graphics and very playable
awrence bald 8 5 8
WEI-CHENG CHENG 5 5 5 An small and easy learning war game. I like the simple mechanics in combat and it is suitable for solitaire playing.
Chance Folmar 7 6 6 A short and nice little engagement with some replayability. Doesn't take long to complete for those times when longer games are out of the question and you need to get that "wargame fix".
Grant Janse 10 7 9 For what this game is, it is a fantastic. A well ballanced travel wargame. Worth printing.
Shaun Austin 10 9 10 A good game with opportunity for strategy. Limited replayability due to the size of the game. Good Rules very concise and need to be taken literally because of their brevity. Components are colorful and functional. Easily converted for solo play!
Charles Innocenti 9 9 9 Great little game. Just the thing for a short game for someone who loves the hobby of wargaming.
E C 10 10 10 GREAT!
James Darby 7 7 8 A nice, small, simulation that can be taken anywhere and enjoyed.
Iden Hill 10 9 8 A classic example of the quick and the dead. A thinkers game.
e d 10 10 10 Small and a lot of fun! More games like this would be excellent.
Robert Hanson 9 9 9 Great, fun, challenging, quick!
Santiago Kamerbeek 7 7 8 Small and simple but useful for travelling and figthing bus boredom
Rob Bauer 6 6 8
RODENY YIP 10 10 10
john conner 10 9 10 Excellent small wargame, great for introducing noobs.
Willy Farrell 10 10 10
Mauro Mittino 9 9 9
PEREZ Nicolas 6 6 6
Marco Parolo 9 8 8 Muy interesante Wargame, sencillo y entretenido para jugar mientras se toma un cafe.
Steven Guy 8 8 8
Andrew Choong 10 10 10 A very elegant and playable system that well models a campaign not renowned for balance between the opposing sides...and its free!
Joakim Strom 10 4 5 a decent intro för my kids. Well worth the investment :-)
Dan Rurak 9 9 9 excellent little game and free to boot
Juan Mieza 7 5 5 Very nice game. Instructions are somehow confusing when you read them due the small amount of space available. However, the game is fun and simple
Welley Rezende da Silva Junior 10 9 9
Andreas Hellwig 7 7 7
Mike Dundas 5 5 5 An interesting idea, good for playing with the kids
June Hwang Wah 5 5 5 A good candidate to introduce people to wargames.
Rene Raap 9 7 8 It's free and interesting. Playing takes as long as drinking a cup of coffee (combining these activities more then doubles the pleasure!). It's a really nice little game!
Richard Phelan 10 8 8 Great little game, good challnge for both sides
Forest Pavel 10 8 9 Can't beat it for the price. I've been sending this game to friends. Who doesn't want a game you can keep handy and play at a moment's notice?
kei hama 5 6 6
Asko Nisula 5 5 5
Michael Ramsey 9 9 9
Tadashi Ishihara 10 10 10 Great way to get a friend started during a lunch break. Thank you!
Ron Pehr 10 8 8 Loved this! Deceptively clever system forcing strategy to follow historical abilities and defects of the forces, manifestly including terrain and logistics. More, more!!!!
Elijah Lau 6 4 5 Good effort for a free DTP postcard wargame.
Jaffer Batica 10 8 9 I really like that this was free to print and play and that it's a quick wargame for two players. Would like to see more of the same. Thanks a lot.

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