1/72 L.C.A. landing craft

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Designer(s): Clifford Button

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1/72 scale L.C.A. landing craft paper model. English camouflage scheme.

Main file is a JPG
Instructions included


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Noel Anderson 5 3 3 Resolution inferior jagged pixelated lines. Assembly instructions not enough detail to fa facilitate proper assemby..
David Laderoute 7 4 5 Not bad for what it is. Better instructions would be very helpful. The design is probably too complicated for something printed and made out of paper; a simpler design would be better and make the unclear instructions less of an issue.
Matthew Robertson 6 6 6 A decent kit, no clear instructions or any assembly guidelines to assist in getting the kit done! Otherwise a fine model.
Michael Dippel 8 8 8
Christopher Slee 8 8 8
Michael Hubbard 9 9 9

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