Riachuelo´s Naval Battle

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Antonio Marcelo

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Riachuelo’s Naval Battle is a wargame for two players, that reproduces the riverine naval battle of June 11, 1865, where, during the War of the Triple Alliance (known in Brazil as the Paraguayan War). In this battle the admiral Barroso achieved an important victory, destroying a great part of the
Paraguayan fleet. In our game, we will reproduce the combat with the maximum of historical sharpness.

11x17 Map (2 versions for different printers)
Rules with Historical and Designer Notes
Player aids
Ship charts
45 counters


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Jose Porchat 10 10 10 Very good product that let's you game a mostly unknown battle.
Mark Chandler 8 8 8 A couple of hiccups with the translation of the text mke it a litle difficult to uderstand, but on the whole a very nice product on an interesting subject
Michael Barlow 6 8 7 Different sort of naval warfare, as there's little sailing room. Rules need a slight clean-up, map could be a larger scale with more river and less riverbanks. Unique subject.
Kim Meints 10 10 10 A good little naval game.Hope to see more like this
Steven Guy 8 8 8

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