Space Armada, Mini-Game #17

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File Type: zip

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Pages in main/rules file: 15

Game System:

Players: 2

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

demo: No demo available


Ensign Jones grabbed a handrail as the federation missile slammed into the aft hull of the ship. The explosion rocked the ship he and the others were encased in, shacking it like some small child playing with a toy.

"Damn", he thought as he pulled himself along the passage tube, "Another hit like that and we might not survive this engagement." With the gravity turned off for battle stations, Jones found it hard to reach his station. Still he managed to make his way down the tube towards the beam weapon's controls. The captain wanted to make a quick pass on the federation carrier before it could launch all of its fighters. Jones thought it was a suicidal run at best, but the captain had been lucky so far and she might just pull it off, might Jones thought as the next missile hit home?

This is Space Armada, the newest Mini-game from Bad Baby Productions. Across our solar system, in the distant future, battle two mighty space fleets. The imperialistic Federation means to bring the whole of system under their sway. Meanwhile the Colonial Fleets, each a small, independent fleet in its own right have banded together to stop this move by the Federation. The fate of the human race now lies in your hands as you command one of those fleets. Will the Federation bring order and law to the solar system, or will the independent colonies and mining outposts remain free.

Space Armada is a fast past game of space fleet battles, wages across the solar system. Players will need to be decisive in their game play, all the while trying to protect their fleet's ships, waiting for the right moment to strike.


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Comments from customers
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L Davies 4 6 5 A very interestingf concept, unusual gameplay. The rules did not explain how to "play" ships without the relevant territory and the "specials" were pretty unbalanced, poor value just for a download where u must tweak the rules and abilities a bit.

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