Arcanist, Mini-game #8

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

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Markus watched as his foe summoned the wolf with a flurry of hands and a puff of green smoke. His foe was a conjurer of some skill and Markus knew this was just a ploy to get him to unleash his own battle magic on the conjured beast instead of the conjurer himself.

Markus shifted instead to his left and drew his short sword. Years of battling goblins in the high mountain passes had taught him more then how to use his magic, but also how to use a sharp sword.

As the wolf growled and made to come at his right flank, Markus began to cast his own spell. As he stood there chanting the magical words of the summoning, he began to burn, sheathing himself in magical fire.

The wolf then leaped, but almost instantly howled as the fire that now surrounded Markus burned and caught the wolf's fur on fire. Racing about the cold stone, the conjured beast cried in panic and fled

Meanwhile its master readied another spell as Markus turned to meet him.

This was not going to be an easy fight Markus thought as he dived for cover, his foe's bolt of lighting nearly turning the young elementalist to ash.

This is Arcanist, another Mini-game by Bad Baby. Play a war mage as you battle other mages and monstrous foes in the arena of death. Can your magic out fight your foe's own powerful spells, or will you die some horrible death.

Not a full game by itself, Arcanist requires that you also have a copy of Bad Baby's other Mini-game, Warlords.

Combined, these two games will continue to develop the Worlds of Wonder RPG.


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