Warlords, Mini-game #4

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

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Jarrin stood his ground as the big barbarian next to him gave his battle cry and rushed head long into battle. Damn big fool, Jarrin though, he was always heading into trouble without first thinking. Jarrin drew his own slim blade and step forward, taking a more steady advance.

The goblins outnumbered the two gladiators a good three to one, but the two men were better armed and more experienced in the arts of killing.

As his barbaric friend crashed into the goblin's hastily formed battle line, Jarrin moved swiftly to the right, tying to out flank the green folk. Two though, saw this ploy and turned to meet him. With a sigh at the failure of his ploy, Jarrin charged in after his barbarian friend, yelling a battle cry of his own.

This is Warlords, a game of man-to-man combat. Take the role of a hardened warrior as he or she faces danger in the arena. Face wild beasts, man-eating goblins or other gladiators as you try to increase your fame, skills and martial powers.

Warlords is yet another Mini-game by Bad Baby Production. This game and the others like are fast, easy to learn games with a lot of playability and expansion.

Everything you need to play the game is included, rules, full color stand up counters, map bords and terrain tiles.

Look for other exciting titles among Bad Baby's ever expanding games.


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