Dragon Wars, Mini-game #3

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Pages in main/rules file: 20

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

demo: demo/BBP1502a-pdf.zip
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Vermix issued his challenge and then leaped into the clear skies that lay before his cave's entrance. The smaller air dragon returned the roar and beat its long wings as it began to gain altitude. Vermix was large, a fire dragon of both mighty age and size. With some amusement Vermix mused on the foolish air dragon and how it would perish under his talons and burn with his breath.

Beating his own great wings, the massive fire dragon rose slowly. Meanwhile the swifter air dragon had reached a great height overhead and with a shriek, folded its wings tightly against its sinuous body and dove into Vermix like some blue-grey spear, thrown by an angry god of war.

The two dragons crashed into each other with bone shattering force. Stunned by the impact, Vermix struggled to bite at his foe, but the smaller air dragon had gained a tight grip on the fire dragon's fore legs and was even now ripping at Vermix's armored hide with its own sharp talons.

Finally Vermix turned his great head and bit down on the neck of his foe. The air dragon screamed as Vermix crushed its throat, slaying the smaller dragon in one mighty snap of his jaws. Spitting the dead beast from his maul, Vermix turned his body as it fell, trying to scoop the air up with his wings and to either slow his fall or possibly even pull up from of the deadly plummet out of the skies.

As the ground below rushed up, Vermix began to flap his might pinions once more, beating the air with his massive chest muscles, like belts of iron these muscles struggled to gather the wind about him. Slowly he regained control and turned the headlong fall to his doom into a controlled swoop. As he passed mere inches from the tops of the trees of the forest below him, Vermix issued another roar, letting all that could hear that his was king of the dragons still, and would remain so until another dragon took his life and crown.

This is Dragon Wars, yet another Mini-game from Bad Baby Production. In Dragon Wars, you and other players take on the role of a might dragon, dragons that then launch themselves into the skies and battle for supremacy of all about them.

Using a fast turn based system; the combat is swift, the excitement nail biting and the strategy intense. Everything you need to play the game is included, rules, full color counters, map boards and terrain tiles.

Do you dare enter the world of dragons?


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