Big Bang Ricochet 038: FN 4RM/62F AB Armored Car

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The FN 4RM/62F AB is one of a handful of military vehicles that were produced by Belgian arms giant, Fabrique Nationale. The vehicle was produced for the Belgian Gendarmerie, one of the many militarized state police agencies on western Europe during the Cold War.

The 4RM/62F AB was a simple armored vehicle and competent for its internal security duties. It was based on a tactical truck also produced by FN, and out fitted with a turret bearing either a 90mm anti-tank gun or a 60mm gun mortar.

The retired from active service with the Belgian Gendarmerie, the 4RM/62F AB soldiers on, as many of the vehicles were sold to Uruguay for use in their own security forces.

This product also includes Big Bang Entries for the MECAR 90/28 90mm Light Gun System and the TDA MCB 60C 60mm Gun Mortar. Also included are entries for the full range of Belgian and French 60mm mortar bombs produced over the last 45 years. As an added bonus, an entry is included for the MECAR 'Field Mount' Anti-Tank Gun, a lightweight towed anti-tank gun based on the MECAR 90/28 LGS.


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