Big Bang Volume 08: Soviet ATGMS

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This volume of the series covers the entire spectrum of guided anti-tank weapons that have been used by the Soviet and Russian militaries since the late 1950’s. Over a span of almost 50 years, they produced 16 launch platforms and more than 35 different missiles in this long line of very effective weapons. The book begins with the AT-1 Snapper, first introduced not long after the Korean War, and finishes with the AT-16 Vikhr, including mention of the AT-16 Germes variant, a radar guided anti-tank platform that can fire on a dozen different ground targets simultaneously, with a greater than 95% chance of hitting each of them. And yes, we have carefully sorted through NATO, US Army and Rusian documents and books regarding these weapons in order to reduce the vast amount of confusion that resulted from Cold War misidentification of many systems.

This volume is 34 pages long. Also included is an 8 page demo for The Qalashar Device, second in a line of non-FX military-based adventures by Sword’s Edge Publishing.

** While the Big Bang series provides stats for a few RPG systems, it provides a lot more historical and technical information about the weapons. **


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