Big Bang Ricochet 001: Argentinaís VCTP IFV

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Big Bang Ricochet is a new element of the Big Bang product line. This new series takes a critical and in-depth look at military vehicles and weapons from all over the world, just as Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Modern Weapons and Big Bang: Mini Bang focus on small arms. Each issue will focus on a single family of military vehicles, plus many of the weapons commonly mounted on them.

For the inaugural issue of Big Bang Ricochet, we have chosen a relatively unknown armored vehicle that would have long ago been deemed a huge success if not for the interference of some G7 nations. This is the Argentinian Vehiculo de Combate, a chassis that has been developed as both a light tank and an infantry fighting vehicle. In this issue, we take a long look at the IFV version, known as the VCTP, or Vehiculo de Combate, Transporte de Personal. This chassis has formed the basis not only an IFV, but also a mortar carrier, several types of command posts, bridgelayers, artillery rocket launchers, self-propelled artillery guns, and air defense vehicles. While on the light side, its heaviest incarnations all weighing under 35 tons, it is perfectly suited for South America and other third world locales, since it isnít the bridge buster a heavier vehicle would be. Also covered are detailed reviews of the Swiss Oerlikon KAD-B18 20mm autocannon, the French TAD 120mm MO 120 TR mortar, the Israeli LAR-160 Artillery rocket system, the Italian OTO Breda 155mm Howitzer and the ubiquitous 66mm smoke grenade dischargers.

Additionally, the series presents factsheets about nations around the world when appropriate. These factsheets present the status of the nations military, plus a national map and broad adventure possibilities based on both the countryís history and current situation. This volume presents details on Argentina.


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