Ancients, PAPER ARMIES - Republican Romans

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A single printing of 5 sheets of Romans will provide you with 40 Velites, 160 Hastisi, 160 Princeps, 80 Triarri, 30 Cavalry, and 80 Southern Italian Greek Hoplites. The 3 additional sheets of Italian allies provides you with 36 Mercenary archers, 54 Italian Cavalry, 2 Elephants (Pontus must have been here), and 144 Italian close order infantry. All are based to a DBA format, with the all in individual stands for maximum Roman flexibility.

The sheets are designed to print on a 8-1/2 x 11 sheet paper and the pieces reflect 40 mm frontages (for use with DBA).


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Darren Powell 9 8 8 One of my favourite armies. Would like to have seen figures representing Gauls and Numidians for Allied units. Still well worth it. The designer is to be congratulated.

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