Heavy Panzers at Kursk: Tigers, Elephants & Beast-Eaters July 5th, 1943

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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HEAVY PANZERS covers the brutal and epic battle at tactical level near Snovo and beyond. The Germans sent in their most powerful armor and even to their own surprise, broke through the first defensive line by 0930. The surrounded Russian regiment fought well and bled for it. The Tigers, Elephants and Brummbars became the King of the battlefield until met by the Russian Beast-eaters. Once the Germans had encircled the Russians in the first defensive line, there was a slight problem: their supporting infantry lagged far to the rear and what infantry had arrived was far too few to destroy the pocket. Immediately ahead was the 2nd Russian defensive line, manned by a Guards infantry division with armor. The first defensive line had crumbled under the classic German pincer movement, but German reserves were not ready to be committed. Nevertheless, piercing the 2nd Defensive belt and reaching the critical hills further south was not the same animal. It was nothing less than a head-on, in your face, battle. After regrouping, the German animals gathered in a armor wedge and began their breakthrough to the other side.

Two 11x17" color game maps forming a 11x34" playing area!

Over 540 playing pieces (two countersheets)

One Rulebook, numerous charts

Playing Aid Card

Game scale: Hourly turns, platoon level, tactical showing armor strengths etc., German and Russian aircraft, tank busters, 400 yards a hex, mines, engineers,

Tigers, Elephants, Grizzly Bears (Brummbar), Beast-eaters (Su 152, 122), Pz IV, Pz III, T 34. T70, Su 76, KV1, unique chit type system creates a wild game everytime--nothing is certain! Basically, the German assaults from the north edge and must fight his way across the whole map--truly captures the Kursk battle near Snovo. Covers July 5th only. Two scenarios.

Relive the Kursk event!


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Mike Dundas 10 10 10 Yet another excellent Perry Moore game !
Terence Turnovsky 8 8 8 Another interesting design marred by setup and reinforcement issues.

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