SuperSystem Second Edition

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Pages in main/rules file: 100

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott Pyle

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SuperSystem 2nd Edition brings the action of comic book battles back to your tabletop with faster, cleaner rules, and a comprehensive list of powers and special effects that will allow players to build any character they can imagine. Extensive write-ups of over 100 official characters and henchmen groups make starting a game easy.

Designed to work with the SuperFigs line of 28mm Super miniatures, SuperSystem provides a flexible setting and campaign rules that will allow players to further develop stories and characters with each scenario played.

100 pages, including full color covers, index, counters, and other play aids.

* * * Now includes the SuperSystem 2007 Annual and the SuperSystem 2007 Holiday Special. * * *


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Matthew Morrison 8 8 8 I've not yet played these rules, but I like what I've read so far.
Carmen Bellaire 5 6 4 Too many D6s to roll!
Ted Conn 10 10 10 A wonderful system that is easy to learn, can be tinkered with and is fun to play!
daniel Hills 9 8 8 Good game, a little tricky to get sorted by well worth a little bit of working out!!
Tim Stiles 10 10 10 Great service. Great product. Don't hesitate. Had some system issues but received prompt assistance.
Jason Hulme 9 9 9 Its a great game, loads of fun, and as I could not get hold of it in the UK, the download was brilliant as I didn't have to pay p&p! if only other games companys would do the same!
Leslie Morgan 10 8 9 Great, flexible system for staging super hero battles.
Thomas Ferris 10 10 10
Leo Hoffman 10 10 10
Ed Traverso 10 10 10 SuperSys really is super!!! These rules are the Galactus of games!!!!
Scott Francek 10 9 10 This looks like the Superhero game I was looking for. As fasr as I can tell, plenty of generic powers to apply to emulate any comic book hero. It definitely looks like it captured the feel of the genre. A very good buy.
Aaron Fleming 10 9 9 Superb. Excellent support from Yahoo! group. Creating own heroes is a snap. Some minis can be a tad bland but those are excellent for customizing your own created heroes.
Robert Luhrman 10 9 9 Nice system. Really like how the whole goal system works and the update to the Super System Rules is great.
Brian Rempel 10 10 10
Ed Meek 10 10 10 If you are looking for a set of rules that are expandable and very easy to play you have found them.
Bryan Miley 10 10 10 I've been waiting for something to capture the feel of great Super battles and I think this is it. Lots of fun.
Pete Jones 10 10 10 Combines all the previous book into 1 consolidated version. Excellent.
Chris Woods 10 10 10
Jason Waggoner 10 10 10 The best superhero rules system I have ever seen!
Lane Gibson 9 9 9 Talk about an easy way to buy a great game...I didn't have to get out of my chair!
Charles Lewis 10 9 9 Fun and easy to learn system that is very robust. If you're into superheroes, this is a must-have!
Bart Miller 10 10 10 smooth and easy everything perfect, price very reasonable.
Patrick McEachen 7 9 8 great set of rules for the superhero inside all of us.
Dave Turnbull 10 9 9 Well written with good game mechanics.
Harry Morris 9 10 9 Minor changes to the original rules make for BIG improvements! Worth the cost for all users of Goal System games.
Matt Kloth 9 9 9 Almost perfect. My favorite rules system, currently.
Tom Kiley 10 8 9 Best $11 I've ever spent on a gaming system. The customizable rules are a gem. For a more complete review see index.php?showtopic=206
David Daulton 9 9 9 Read throught rules looks like a great game easy to understand!
Adam Pratt 9 10 9 The BEST superhero battle system out there. Fast, fun and furious, give something new a try!
Ronald Labor 10 10 10
Jerry Bronson 9 9 9 Best superhero game on the market. I also greatly appreciated the free update when they made a change to the documentation
Mark McKinley 9 10 9 An excellent ruleset!!!! If you're wanting to don a cape & cowl, this is for you!
Greg Moore 9 9 9 Great Super Hero rules, fun to play and like the goals based system. Also, it is a lot of fun creating a character.

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