Grunt 3rd Edition: Kingdoms

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The Grunt 3rd Edition Kingdoms sourcebook allows players to develop their Grunt armies in all new and unique ways. Rather than looking for more ways to build up the strength of your existing army, Grunt Kingdoms lets you build up the infrastructure of your kingdom itself. Establish a mint and standard coinage for your kingdom, a variety of different and powerful guild type, ports and ships, expert craftment, mines, agriculture and farms, ranches, and much more.

This sourcebook includes:

Cover + 23 Pages. A few kingdom features you can now invest into are:

1) New Unit Type. The Emperor!

2) Different Guild types such as merchant Guilds, warrior guilds, assassin guilds, blacksmith guilds, agriculture guild and mages guilds.

3) Build new City Markers to vastly increase the productivity and value of your cities. Build a city barracks and roll out a large force of city militia units. Get temples to help heal your units faster. Establish markets to help you earn money on food surpluses, buy and sell valuable commodities and weaponry. And locate those precious mines to raise more money or find rare metals to help make powerful weaponry.

4) You can now upgrade your cities in two new ways. Build great walls that greatly improve the defensive and support immigration so your city can rapidly grow in size (and hence earn you more tax money each turn).

5) Create skilled craftment and their workships such as the Armorer, Blacksmith and Bowyer so you can craft new quality armor and weapon markers that will give attack and defense bonuses to your troops.

6) Includes all new rules for ships and ship combats. You can build ports and shipwrights to help you build your ships. Includes templates for fishing ships, gallions and triremes.

Grunt Kingdoms is the absolute must have sourcebook for turning your kingdom into a powerful tool to support your existing army and allow you to build even larger and more powerful forces. Will you chose to keep your focus on army development, or build up the power of your kingdom so it can more readily support your existing army and buy new units faster?


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