Raze the Castle!

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 156 KB

Pages in main/rules file: 10

Game System: Custom

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Jason Youngdale

demo: No demo available


This is a multi-player game using only ten-sided dice, six-sided dice, pencil, and paper. Each player controls a castle and small town in a fantasy setting. The object is to have the most defenders and structures at the end of the game. Each defender and structure is worth 1 Victory point. Games last for 1D10+5 turns or some agreed upon number. A player is eliminated from the game if their castle is destroyed. A player may also win the game if their castle is the only castle left. Ideal number of players is four.

Each turn players check for events, pay hirelings, collect revenue, build structures, hire defenders, and attack opponents with invaders/disasters. A player card template is provided to record defenders, structures, gold income, castle walls remaining, etc.

Page count = 6


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Paul Pinkosh 6 7 7 This is like apaper and pencil version of an online "build a kingdom" games. Lots of number crunching, no tokens and boards. Fun if you like this sort of thing. Well-done in its way too.
Ken Filewood 5 3 2 Being free is the best point. Lots of fiddly pencil & paper record-keeping. Rules not very original, few meaningful choices and hard to follow in places. Luck dominates. Takes too long to play for what it offers.
Steven Delaney 10 9 9
Kim DS 10 10 9 Similar to Border Keep but extremely well presented.
E C 10 8 9 Fun and brisk!
Paul Kantro 8 7 8 Free games are great. 3 pages of rules and 3 pages of tables. Just add dice and paper and pencil. Seems best for a number of players.
john conner 5 3 3 Yuck
Richard Phelan 8 9 8 Lively fun game. Well presented and quick to learn
David Valenze 3 5 4 Seems rather derivative of Border Keep from WarpSpawn Games

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