The Art of War, Tactical Warfare in Miniature for Pre-gunpowder Armies

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Pages in main/rules file: 65

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Doug Larsen
Rocky Russo

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Short version of the game is: It plays fast. Usually a battle takes about an hour. It doesn't really matter how the figs are based. Its fairly bloody. Figs are pulled as they are killed. It has the tactics mechanisms built in, so you really only need to worry about what the army you're running is capable of. [We]'ve strived for historical accuracy, and have a pretty high success rate for duplicating real fights.

  • Basic rules, plus a Crusades mini-campaign appendix including 9 armies lists: 62 pages. The Basic Rules are comprehensive, and include siege warfare rules and rules for special weapons such as elephants, chariots and pavises.
  • Standard 15mm to 40mm frontages used: no rebasing of figurines required. (Although singly-based miniatures work best, multiple-figurine bases work OK in most situations.)
  • Plus 84 additional pages of seven period appendices listing over 160 more armies:
  • Greek & Macedonian Armies
  • Ancient Armies of the Bronze Age
  • Ancient Armies of the Iron Age
  • Ancient Roman and Italian Armies
  • European Dark Ages Armies 500 to 1000 A. D.
  • European Medieval Armies 1000 to 1460 A. D.
  • Chinese, Huns, Mongols and Japanese Armies


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Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Luciano Molina 8 8 8 Thr game appear to be interesting and, more important for me, fun to play.
Steve Gray 8 5 5

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