Bandit Dawn - Wetwar Mission Book 1

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Wetwar Mission Book 1 - Bandit Dawn

Fall into a bitter corporate war in the tunnels and halls of Pacifica Colony. House Parris rules with an iron fist and you, the Buka, must navigate operations and battles involving this corporate titan. As thieves players will struggle in a dark conflict involving prototype gunsuits, hideous creatures, and risen genetically created wolvers.

Will you survive the House Parris treachery or will you fall, drowned at the bottom of the sea?

In Bandit Dawn you will find new units, new map combos, great gameplay, and an original mission tree system where the future missions are played as a story resulting from previous outcomes.

The 5 new force units in employ of Corporate House Parris including the Wolven Guard, the mutating Aguar Devolver, a new Rapid Response Gunsuit, and the evil Parris Pacifican Chairman.

Welcome to Pacifica, Buka.

Fight with honour.

Requires the Wetwar Core Rulebook to play. Fully web supported at the Pacifica Freezone. Webcrawlers may jack in to:

That means you!


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