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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Daniel Kast

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"Fourth and Goal..."

It's down to this one play; trailing by five points in the waning moments of the FAFL World Tournament Final, the Chicago Cyclones have a last chance to snatch a victory from a confident and hungry Tokyo Ronin squad.

Quarterback Brock Riley leads his team from the huddle and surveys the defense. Glacing to his right, Riley and his star receiver, Harrison Tyler, lock eyes for a moment. A decade of experience links the teammates, and without a word Riley signals his center.

The ball is snapped, and Riley drops back. The defense is prepared, but Tyler makes his break and Riley sees an opening at the back of the end zone. He cocks his arm and lets the ball fly...

The Grid is a board game, officially licensed by the Federation of American Football Leagues (FAFL). It simulates the excitement of Yankee Rules football, as players take control of their favorite teams and players. Each of the twelve teams in the 2050 FAFL World Tournament is represented by its complete 15-man roster. Play out your own tournament, and see if you have what it takes to coach your team to the championship!

The Grid Six Pack collects all six two-team packs, and includes just about everything you need to get started playing your first game:

* 180 player cards, 15 each from twelve different teams:
o Berlin Bears
o Los Angeles Stars
o London Saxons
o Chicago Cyclones
o Moscow Maulers
o Washington (D.C.) Eagles
o Sydney Outlaws
o Houston Prowlers
o Tokyo Ronin
o New York Knighthawks
o Toronto Redcoats
o Denver Mustangs

* 240 play-calling cards
* 2 8.5"x14" game boards
* The Grid rule booklet


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