Skirmish Tiles, Dungeon Rooms Set 1

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This new, exciting product is based on the acclaimed battlemaps produced by ุone Games. The SKIRMISH TILES are 8x5 inches dungeon rooms and corridors tiles that are suitable for any miniature-based skirmish game. Some of your favorite battlemaps have been adapted and optimized to this new format and many wonderful rooms have been added.

Each tile shows a superb rendered plain view of a dungeon room or a corridor without the loss of space due the perspective view. With these tiles you can easily build a battlefield for your miniature game, even printing each one more than once.

The product contains 30 tiles with a black and white, ink saving version of each one, plus three pre-assembled dungeons.

These are the tiles you get:

01- Entrance room
02- Corridor "I"
03- Corridor "L left"
04- Corridor "L right"
05- Corridor "T"
06- Corridor "X"
07- Double Sacred Circle
08- Alchemist's room
09- Three statues
10- Armory
11- Fountain room
12- Torture chamber
13- Dark shrine
14- Bridge room
15- Empty room
16- Wizard study
17- Library
18- Old barracks
19- Four tombs
20- Dwarven crypt
21- Crypt
22- Pool
23- Jail
24- Forge
25- Guardpost
26- The well
27- Throne room
28- The pit
29- Debris
30- Small room

The tiles come with three pre-built dungeon you can use for quick-setup games.


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