The Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants fantasy Quest Game, Introductory Ed.

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The Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants fantasy Quest Game is a fast paced fantasy adventure board game for 2 to 15 players. Originally published in 2003 this game was marketed as a "Talisman Variant" (*1) and has been one of the Guild of Blades best sellers.

With first edition inventory of the print edition nearly out of stock and a second edition in the design stages, we are now offering an Introductory Edition of the Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants Fantasy Quest Game for just $1.

Players select between 15 unique characters and begin play at a low skill level. They must move around the board, which mixes fantasy and sci fi elements from the Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants gaming universe, in order to complete quests and improve their attributes.

The WHAT Fantasy Quest Game provides players two avenues to victory. Players may attempt to be the first player to successfully complete 3 game quests or they can venture forth the center of the game board and capture the magical talisman from the Chaos Lord and return safely to their starting territory.

Game time varies with games typically ranging from just 15 minutes up to an hour.

For print copies of the WHAT Board Game and its various expansions, check out the Guild of Blades Website.

*1) Talisman is registered trademark owned by Games Workshop LTD and has been used for the purpose of product comparison only and without consent.


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