The Siege of Draman Del

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Players: 2


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This wargame allows you to play The Siege Of Draman Del during the course of the adventure: "The Legend Of The Steel General". It can also be played as a stand-alone wargame.
Draman Del is an ancient fortress city in a mountain pass, the only pass between the west and east lands.
The west is represented by a confederation of kingdoms (Nath, Drakand, Draman, Randrom, Svariji, Land people) formerly known as "Draman". Draman Del is the only fortification against the east people, the barbarians called Zenith; if it should fall, the barbarians may swarm over the west kingdoms.
The Seven Black Generals all host a shard of the soul of the evil god Zadrak and have been asleep for thousands of years but now, unknown to all, they are awakening. One of them, Xishayah, under the name of Kan Zenith, has gathered the nomadic Zenith tribes and is leading them to attack the west. To do this the legendary fortress of Draman Del must fall before General Adran arrives with reinforcements.

Inside The Siege Of Draman Del you will find:

-A set of rules,

-Four mapsheet (game board)

-One countersheet with a total of 287 counters

-Tables and charts

-You also get a text-only version of the rules

Note: you should cut the playing pieces, using glue to affix them onto a stiff surface (i.e. cardboard) and cut them using a modeling cutter.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Richard Hart 5 7 5 A beautiful map and a nice idea but unplayable as it stands as the counters are too small and too indistinct to actually use. The plot appears to have been heavilly influenced by David Gemmells "Legend"
Kim Meints 10 10 10 I can't believe the graphics for the price. battle a lot like Siege of Minas Tiirth

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