Wetwar (Revised Edition)

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Wetwar (Revised Edition)

"In conclusion, this game truly has potential ...
I like the idea, I like the simplicity, I like the detail."

Ron McClung - GamingReport - 4 Star review.

"Black Powder Games is announcing that Wetwar has gone through a massive layout and interior illo upgrade by the esteemed Steve Conan Trustum of Misfit Studios.

Wetwar Revised is released with the BEST online support in the industry. The Pacifica Freezone was completed at 12 midnight Hallowe'en 2005. Set in 2038 this site is complete with the Spacepunk history, symbology, clickable maps, unit background information, simple Flash-free animations, and more.

Go to http://www.esprawl.com/bpg/cybernet and enter an immersive interface."


The Species Conflict

The year is 2038.

Man has grasped deep into the ocean, the wild lands, and into the orbital space, colonizing and tearing resources for the peoples use in a darkening future.

The future at a glance seems hard, for the birth of Risen animal species to intelligence and form like the human kind. Species hatred flares as humans have employed these new lifeforms where humans deem fit. Life has been hard for the Hybrids and the Risen, often worked to their deaths in colonial construction.

As well, many humans are fearfull that they may be placed the loser in species conflict. Older folk are afraid of the frog, rat, and feline folk that now live next door.

All the while the Corporate Lords take their due as new leaders of the 21st century.

Welcome to Pacifica, your role is as a thief and a soldier. Leaders of Buka Units such as yourself will do battle, live as a rogue, and all the while laugh at those who do not know honor and freedom. Southeast off the shore of Japan, is where you are needed as the the 1,000,000 souls of the Pacifica Ocean Settlements are at odds with seeming rebels. These insurgents may be backed by powerful forces, so beware.

Pacifica makes it's pay from oil drilling, tourism, research programs, and especially, the Titan Naga Platform that taps and collects geothermal energy from the earths core.

Of course, the internet now exists as both the wire of mother earth, and as playground. Webcrawlers with HUD net access fly as Deva across the shadowy illusion that is the Cybernet. Pays to keep a few of those people around.

Some, like yourself, will make their pay by covert operations. Welcome Buka rogue,

Enjoy your stay.


Design: Delmer Esau

Cover Illo: Bradley Bleeker

Lay-out: Steven Trustum

To be expected from Wetwar:

1 - The Ronin - Mercenary special team protagonist play.

2 - Robotics - Sentry drones that fight by logic programs enclosed in the rule book.

3 - Dynamic Interaction - Enviromental water and damage effects.

4 - Risen Species Units - the tribe will rise above, or die trying

5 - Computer Ops - A fully linked Cybernet card system, with regards to OGL Cybernet material, some of which was used in Wetwar.

6 - Vehicle Rules - Walking-armor and submarines included.

7 - And if you want quality artwork in games you play we again, won't dissapoint.

Game PDF folder comes with 4 seperate color covers, 26 pages of rules, and 22 sheets of game components with blank cardstock backings.


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