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Line of Departure - International subscription

Line of Departure is a semi-professional quarterly wargaming magazine published by Jim Werbaneth, and published continuously since October 1991. The editorial of that premier issue declared its purpose to be "to help the reader get more out of his wargaming," through the presentation of professional-quality strategy and analysis articles, along with reviews, scenarios, variants, and expansions. In addition, the editorial promised that the full spectrum of wargames would be covered in the magazine, on all levels of simulation; ancients to modern, microtactical to grand strategic, and everything in between, with the occasional foray into science fiction and alternate history.

Since then, Line of Departure has evolved and grown. In time, reviews became increasingly important, and are now a primary focus of the publication. A recurring feature called "The Alternative Press" reviews other self-published magazines. Also, after an absence of three and a half years, strategy games for the personal computer returned to Line of Departure's pages, and now appear regularly.


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