Grunt 3rd Edition: Fantasy Miniature Battles

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Players: 2+


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Grunt Fantasy Miniature Battles is back!. First printed in 1996, in the years since Grunt has sold thousands of copies. Now newly updated to Grunt 3rd Edition, this newly revised edition of Grunt has brought the game system back to its roots, a fast pace, easy to learn all purpose fantasy miniatures system thats extremely affordable.

Grunt is a unique miniatures system that focusses on army development, where you may recruit new units through the course of game play, plus have existing units gain experience points and levels.

In this fashion, you strive to build up your army and kingdom over multi battles (game sessions).

Grunt 3rd Edition is a complete miniatures game system, including game rules, 45 Battle Cards, a castle template, city template, assorted cut-out Battlefield Markers, plus cut-out army units enough to field two complete armies. And, of course, you can always print out more as needed!

- Cover
- 38 pages of rules
- 45 Battle Cards
- Castle Template
- City template
- 2 Cut-Out Armies
- Assorted Battlefield Markers that include Supply, Traps, Cavalry, Fortifications, Fortresses, Scaling Ropes, Ballisti, Siege Towers, Castle Defenses, and Catapults.



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